Instant Cyanotype - Sunprint Paper

RM 6.00

Want to give Cyanotype a try but not too sure about buying the full kit? Well, worry no more. Just use our Sunprint Papers to explore the fantastic blueprint making without the full equipment and messy fingers. It can be easily enjoyed by children and during an outdoor activity, such as hiking, picnic or a strolling on the beach. Now you can do Cyanotype anywhere, at any time. Provided the sun is out of course!

For each envelope, contains FOUR (4) pieces of A6 or TWO(2) A5 / ONE(1) A4 size sensitised watercolour paper ready for immediate sun exposure. Please check the condition of the paper before use. The surface should be yellowish in colour or light blue. Please ask for exchange if the surface is completely dark blue. Instructions are written on the envelope. For video tutorial look at @studiosunprint tutorial highlight or youtube tutorial