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About The Workshop

Experience one of the earliest process of creating images with light. Cyanotype printing also fondly known as sun printing is a photographic process that produces cyan-blue image from iron metals exposed to UV light. In this workshop, the artist or art instructor will share the method of producing blueprints anywhere, indoor or outdoors without the use of a camera or special darkroom.
You will get to create and compose your very own artistic images from plants or found objects or film negatives to expose and develop your own images.

It is a combination of different art forms; photography, printmaking and painting. Also throw in different aspects of science learning through biology, chemistry and natural science through hands-on learning. The cyanotype-sunprint process is easy to learn and ideal experimentation for all ages and experience.

ObjectivesMaterials & Tools
What we will learn and share from each other:
  • Appreciation of nature and everyday beauty around us!
  • Origins of cyanotype printing
  • Preparing, exposing and developing sun prints
  • Enjoy tactile and grounding process of printing with nature, especially under the sun!

All materials and tools required for the workshop will be provided. Just come as you are! Materials include but not limited to freshly prepared cyanotype solution, acid-free watercolour papers or sensitised fabrics, range of fresh or pressed plants and MORE!

General Session Summary

Time (mins)Process StageDescription
 -15Ice-breakingGet to know participants
+10IntroductionHistory and application of cyanotype
+05Process 01: MixMix cyanotype solution / sensitiser
+15Process 02: CoatingCoating paper with solution

Process 03: Make the prints
+20Process 03(A)Choosing & Placing Objects/Specimens
+25Process 03(B)Expose under the Sun or source of UV and tea break!
+15Process 04: WashWash or develop the prints
+30Process 05: DryDrying Prints & Reflection Time

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Location 1: Shah Alam Community Farm
Location 2: Dikaki Tower House, Langkawi

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