Ticket: Leisure Cyanotype Workshop

RM 150.00

Duration: 3 hours,Maximum 4 hours
Materials & Tools: All materials and tools will be supplied by the artist instructor
Bring home: Cyanotype Prints (1*A3 size, 2*A5 size, 2*A6 size prints)
Location: Dikaki Towerhouse Gunung Raya or other location mentioned in artist’s blog/social media at specific date & time.
Time: Morning (10am-1pm) OR Afternoon (2pm-5pm).  
Price: RM150/person
Age: Suitable for 9 years old and above

Workshop Description: Creating prints without a camera seems odd in this modern times but do not underestimate the historical photographic process, cyanotype. Cyanotype or sunprint, implies a photographic print technique using found objects or film negatives that are exposed to sunlight. Using simple apparatus & cyanotype chemicals to make light sensitive surface, the process will produce an elegant cyan-white image upon exposure to UV light.

Creating prints with minimal apparatus and objects around us is an exciting and therapeutic activity because it is experimental, intuitive and almost effortless. A combination of different art forms like photography, printmaking and painting, it is enjoyable for adults and kids from all walks of life. It is fun, easy to learn and ideal for experimentation. Join us to find out!

You will learn:

  • The History of Cyanotype
  • More on Anna Atkins & the Citizen Scientist
  • Pigments in Nature
  • Methods of Cyanotype Print on Paper

Session Summary:

  1. Intro to workshop & cyanotype process
  2. Mixing cyanotype chemicals & coating paper
  3. Making the prints
  4. Washing & drying
  5. Reflection session

How To Book a Session:

  1. Purchase ticket(s)
  2. Email or whatsapp 6011-5359 1213 proof of payment and preferred dates/timing. Our business days are Sat-Wed (10AM-3.30PM)
  3. Wait for receipt of confirmation. Will reply ASAP.
  4. Successful booking will be confirmed in email/whatsapp

If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to drop an email: studiosunprint@gmail.com. Changing of dates/timing is only allowed ONCE. Thank you for your kind understanding.